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The Boston MySQL November Meetup

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Sheeri Kritzer C.


The November meeting of the Boston MySQL User Group is going to feature Sun's own Giuseppe Maxia delivering "MySQL Sandbox: Easily Using Multiple Database Servers in Isolation"


Administrators, developers, QA, and support engineers need to install and test several versions of MySQL database server. Performing this task safely, without affecting existing instances on the same host, is not easy. Using MySQL Sandbox, users can:

  • Install a new server in less than 10 seconds, just by pointing to a binary tarball.
  • Install a system of master + slaves in replication in less than 15 seconds.
  • Install 10 independent servers in 1 minute with just one command.
  • Optionally, install the above items with complex options, using one command, without need of editing configuration files.

This presentation explains how to install a server or a replication system with MySQL Sandbox, covering the basics and some advanced options.

It will also show the ease of use through the auto-generated scripts.

Some real world examples follow.


Here is the URL for MIT's Map with the location of this building: (

This map shows the MBTA Kendall Stop: (
(the stop is in red on that map, and you can see E51 in the bottom right)

Here are the URL's for the parking lots: ( (

Free pizza and soda will be served, so please RSVP accurately.

To RSVP anonymously, please login to the Meetup site with the e-mail address "admin at sheeri dot com" and the password "guest".

For more information, see: https://mysql.meetup.c... (

4 Amherst St · Cambridge, MA